Seventh Reading for Cycle 2012-2013

Cycle: Other Voices and Other Cultures in the Contemporary American Short Story

April reading: “Nawabdin Electrician” by Daniyal Mueenuddin

Steve Power - Nawabdin

“Short story about an electrician named Nawabdin in the Pakistani desert. He flourished on a signature ability: a technique for cheating the electric company by slowing down the revolutions of its meters. In this Pakistani desert, behind Multan, this trick guaranteed Nawab’s employment, both off and on the farm of…”

Read it online at the New Yorker’s website.

Colloquium: Wednesday, April 24th 2013 at 14:30 h.

Previous discussion online here! Included your comments under this or next Peter Savaiano’s post about this short story.

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3 Responses to Seventh Reading for Cycle 2012-2013

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  2. iñaki says:

    Dear co-readers,

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to join you this afternoon. Enjoy the session on Nawabdin and his efforts to keep up with his daily duties and responsabilities without losing his innocent and naive although determined temper no matter to which he is exposed to.

  3. nadia says:

    Hi, I have done a resume about the story:
    The story it’s about an electrician working on a large farm in rural Pakistan, he also helps his neighbors cheat the electric company by slowing down the revolutions of electric meters and repair anything with a thick piece of leather and some mango sap.
    Equipped with a hammer dangling from his hand, Nawabdin works hard to provide for others while getting little in return; sometimes he charges to his customers a hundred rupee cheating electricity, witch optimizes monthly savings. Nawabdin was a happy man, married to a woman he loves, he has a little success in his career as a handyman, and employed full time by his first employer KK. Harouni, he is the father of a lot of child, he has twelve daughters and finally one son (this shows un that it’s very important in Muslim society to have sons), he thinks that probably he cannot pay their dowries. Then he creates a plan to get a motorcycle, which would allow him to cover more ground, spend less time on the road and get more work. Finally, his boss K.K Harouni gives him a motorcycle, and then he may spend more time at home with his family and less on exhausting travel between the lands and home on his bike. With the motorcycle he come freedom, his neighbors respect him and even call him Uncle Nawabdin. Nawabdin’s life is now based on technology and not on nature. One night, when riding home, Nawabdin comes across a poor man who asks for a ride into town, it’s ok, Nawabdin accepts his request. When he is riding the motorcycle, the man attacks and shoots him. Nawabdin survives, but the shots bring help and the attacker is also shot.
    When lying in the hospital, the robber who attacks him claims poverty and begs forgiveness before dying, but Nawabdin refuses to forgive him, thinking him unworthy of the apology

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