Second Reading for cycle 2012-2013

Cycle: Other Voices and Other Cultures in the Contemporary American Short Story

November reading: 

“The Idiot President” by Daniel Alarcón

“Short story about a man who does a two-month stint with a theatre group called Diciembre.”

Read it online at the New Yorker’s website.

Colloquium: Wednesday, November 28th 2012 at 2:30 p.m.

Previous discussion online here! included your comments under next Peter Savaiano’s post about this short story.

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One Response to Second Reading for cycle 2012-2013

  1. Carmen González says:

    In this story the author is able to capture the narrator (Alejo) feelings and family situation (his security and selfconfidence on a Visa to California and the reallity that it was only a dream and no a real option), the incertainty of his laboral conditions (he made some short parts on tv serials or dramas) his health weakness that made the trip to the interior a nigtmare of cold and sickness. The author is able to made the lector imagine the historical background of the theater group with whom Alejo was enrrolled, for a short period of time -only two months- (a group that performs in hard war times and makes poor, fearful, workers, miners and peasants to forguet, temporarelly, their misserable lifes). The story is very rich in terms of plasticity and with no much words made us imagine the cold, the roads, the rain, the altitude, the Andes, and their respectfull modest and shy miners.

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