First reading for cycle 2012-2013

Other Voices and Other Cultures in the Contemporary American Short Story

“MISS LORA” by Junot Díaz

Short story about a teen-age boy’s relationship with an older woman…

Read it online at The New Yorker Website

Colloquium in person: Wednesday, October 24th 2012 at 2:30 p.m. 

Previous discussion online here!

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One Response to First reading for cycle 2012-2013

  1. Carmen González says:

    I, don´t know if I´m doing the comment thing quite right!, I´m under pressure so I´ll do a short one, just in case.
    The subjet ¨sexual realtionship between tinery and adult women¨ is a regular and ussual subjet in movies and literature, I think that is more often used in films. Everyone remembers the graduate and recently the reader (however, the reader main story has nothing to do with sex and I feel is very poor to simplify and reduce the sycological and social complexity of this film to just sex).

    In miss Lora case, the sexual relationship the young has with that skiny, free, particular and singular woman (mis Lora) is more than pure sex is a kind of afirmation for a lost, fearfull, unmature, sad, boy. Miss Lora means freedom, purpose, a light in his dark life..

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